Why use EZID?


Open data, open science, open access

Open sharing initiatives are spreading: open data, open science, open access, open source...
  • EZID provides a great way to promote open sharing, because it allows the content creator to establish a permanent link to the object.
  • When the object get cited by others, even if is moved to a new location, the citation reference will always work, as long as the metadata is updated.
  • EZID itself is built with open source components, and clients are contributing open source add-ons as well.
  • And now, EZID is also linked to CrossRef, a huge benefit for non-profit open-access publishers that want CrossRef services for their journals.

Funders demand management and tracking

You do a large amount of federally funded research and now you are required to submit data management plans.
  • The data management plan will save you time and resources in the long run and ensure that the data will be usable in the future.
  • Moreover, the OSTP Public Access Memo requires an approach to "identifying and providing appropriate attribution to scientific data sets" for covered agency public access plans.
  • EZID services can help. Contact your university library or one of our current clients and ask for EZID.

The changing role of the library

Your university's scholarship depends upon data, and you are beginning to see that scholarly communication is evolving to include data citation.
  • As your Library develops data management and data curation services, you are looking for ways to reach out to scholars and meet their data-related needs.
  • EZID is flexible, affordable and extensible, allowing the Library to sponsor access for all scholars on a campus.
  • The Library can become known as the go-to place for data citation, data sharing, and data management.

Storage going global

You run a major research data center. Like everyone else, you invest in cloud storage. Objects move where you need them to go.
  • You can offer the EZID services to your clients so that they can register an ARK or DOI now and circulate and cite the clickable addresses to their colleagues.
  • You will appreciate the automated workflows available with EZID's easy application programming interface (API), its standards-based processes, and the growing community of support.