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About Us


John Kunze, Identifier Systems Architect

John Kunze is Identifier Systems Architect for the California Digital Library (CDL), and has a background in computer science and mathematics. His current work focuses on dataset curation, creating long-term durable information object references using ARK identifiers and the N2T resolver, and promoting lightweight Dublin Core "Kernel" metadata. He contributed heavily to the standardization of URLs, Dublin Core metadata, and the Z39.50 search and retrieval protocol.

Greg Janée, System Designer

Greg Janée is a software developer for CDL and for the Earth Research Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He previously served as technical leader of the National Geospatial Digital Archive (NGDA), Alexandria Digital Library (ADL), Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT), and ADL Gazetteer projects. Greg has an M.S. in computer science and a B.S. in mathematics, both from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Perry Willett, Service Manager

Perry Willett is the EZID Service Manager for CDL. Perry is also the Digital Preservation Services Manager for other UC Curation Center (UC3) services including the Merritt Digital Repository.


About EZID

EZID is a service conceived, built, and maintained by the California Digital Library (CDL). CDL was founded by the University of California in 1997 to take advantage of emerging technologies that were transforming the way digital information was being published and accessed. CDL's diverse and talented staff has assembled one of the world's largest digital research libraries and has changed the ways that faculty, students, and researchers discover and access information.

CDL has relationships with a wide range of researchers across the University, including natural history museums, research groups, individual scientists and faculty members on all 10 UC campuses. CDL staff members bring a unique blend of experience to this multi-disciplinary venture. CDL staff members have formal training in science, mathematics, the humanities, and information science, as well as deep professional experience in the creation of software, services, and funded proposals.

CDL has extensive contacts with scientists, within the University of California and beyond via projects funded by the Library of Congress, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health (pending) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. More information about CDL's grants and partnerships is available. Finally, CDL is a founding member of the international DataCite consortium, which is dedicated to providing the social and technical infrastructure that will enable data sharing and publication.